And it begins…

The time has finally come to launch my own personal soap box!….Just kidding. 🙂

Soap box aside, a little background on why we are here: was originally conceived about a year ago while on a business trip back to Boston. The idea was to establish a platform — an outlet per se — that focused on relevance and impact in a technical era.

Relevance and Impact — what is this guy talking about? It’s a blog not CNN we are talking about here!

That’s basically been the thought that has circled my mind over and over the last twelve months — like stars in a cartoon after the character gets hit on the head.

Finally one day it came to me. I thought to myself, don’t do just another blog — regurgitating knowledge like it was going out of style. There are plenty of awesome blogs already out there that do a great job of keeping us informed and filled with knowledge.

So, I decided, if was going to be worth spending time on, it was ABSOLUTELY  NOT going to be a blog. Yes, I’m well aware you’re currently reading a blog entry, but that’s not what is all about — let me explain.

My background is very entrepreneurial and technical. Spurred by a desire to innovate and impact something greater than myself I’ve always been very focused on developing new ideas, bridging gaps — be it process, technical or otherwise — and of course solving challenges.

My day job puts me in a position to observe and confront new challenges almost each and every day. Whether it’s customer challenges, internal challenges, technical, logistical — you name it. Most days I feel like I’m recreating the wheel over and over. And for many, that’s just the game we play called Life.

But what if something could be done about it…What if you could get just a little time back in your day…What if some of those tedious repetitive low-value tasks took care of themselves…what if some of those challenges you face were simply solved…What would you say to something like that?

ummmm yes please, can I have another?” — Ya, me too.

So with that in mind I decided. would be a platform — my platform, and maybe one day, the platform of others — to create technology and connect people to solve challenges that many face each and every day.

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