Wow does time fly…0.0.1 Released!

Wow, I can’t believe how time flies. It feels like just yesterday I posted my first entry on and here it is almost a MONTH later… Rest assured lots has been happening in the background. 2013 should be a very exciting year with many announcements to come!

So what do we have today for you – I’m officially announcing version 0.0.1 of the Storage Dashboard.

Yes, I know – your thinking “0.0.1” — what the…?

After spending most of January tweaking little things here and there – trying to get things “just right” – I found myself going in circles. I finally decided it was time to just get something, anything, out there and start getting some feedback.

0.0.1 is a pre-alpha release. Simply put it’s a proof of concept – raw, unrefined and far from finished – so reserve final judgement.

Phase 1 of the Dashboard is focused on automating — or at the very least streamlining – the repetitive process of:

  • Collecting data from storage arrays (or otherwise like hosts, etc.)
  • Analyzing collected data
  • Visualizing and presenting collected data and resulting analysis
  • Documenting the various results
  • Establishing a target workload profile for a new storage architecture (or upgrade)
  • Building a storage architecture (or upgrade) based on documented collection, requirements, goals, etc
  • Document a storage architecture
  • Quote a storage architecture

Early releases will focus on one or two scenarios (such as supporting just VNX) for data collection or having only Pools (rather than raid groups) supported for the StorageSizer. The frameworks are built to support many different scenarios- even ones that don’t exist yet- so rest assured your scenario will probably be supported at some point.

Initial registrations will be extremely selective. If you think your a good alpha candidate and are willing to spend time and effort to provide feedback please feel free to submit a registration request using the link below:

Official Changelog (0.0.1):

  • General
    • Visual Framework
      • Updated some ajax calls and templates
      • Added additional templates for guests, portals, and non-auth views
      • Added element visual connection framework (can see example in the CampaignManager)
      • Updated dynamic record views to show related models by default (a little messy for now)
      • Added feedback controller
      • Lots of other things….
    • Access Framework
      • Updated User model
      • Updated Group model
      • Updated Permission model
      • Updated Multi-tenant isolation model
      • Added registration page
      • Lots of other things….
    • Jobs Framework
      • Updated async job logic
      • Updated logging so that async jobs log to database
    • StorageSizer
      • Initial release
      • Workload logic completed
      • LogicalStorage logic completed (Just VNX Pools for now, RGs coming, VMAX, VPLEX, Isilon, ExtremeIO and others planned)
      • StorageSystem logic todo
      • Physical logic todo
      • Rollup information todo
      • Quotable information todo
    • UserFiles, UserFileRequests, Data, DataLogic, DataSets, DataTypes, CampaignManager
      • Lots of changes…

As you can see there are lots of things being worked on. Far too many to list in their entirety. (0.0.1) consists of about 20k lines of custom application code (not counting framework, plugins, etc).

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