The past, the present, and to an amazing 2017…

I, like so many others, am often guilty of not slowing down to appreciate the here and now – to “smell the roses” so to speak. That famous quote: “Life is a journey, not a destination” has never really resonated

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VMware ThinApp Deployment Error 0x80070005 Access is Denied

After spending almost an entire day troubleshooting a single error I thought it worthy of posting – if for no other reason to save some other poor soul their entire Saturday tracking down something so inconsequential. Background: In trying to

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Automated VMware View Agent Upgrade Using PowerShell

Recently I needed to upgrade a number of VMware View Desktop Agents in my lab environment. My lab had been running VMware View 4.6 up until a couple of weeks ago when I finally made the jump to 5.2 —

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Solving “Big Data” – from the other side of the tracks.

Every two years the amount of digital information created globally more than DOUBLES. In 2012 over 2.8 Zettabytes (YES ZETTA!) of digital information was created. By 2020 IDC projects this number will exceed 40 ZB! Keep in mind this is

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Wow does time fly…0.0.1 Released!

Wow, I can’t believe how time flies. It feels like just yesterday I posted my first entry on and here it is almost a MONTH later… Rest assured lots has been happening in the background. 2013 should be a

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And it begins…

The time has finally come to launch my own personal soap box!….Just kidding. 🙂 Soap box aside, a little background on why we are here: was originally conceived about a year ago while on a business trip back to

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CakePHP SchemaShell Column Type Problem!

If you’ve done any type of programming work you know that leveraging an existing framework can be worth it’s weight in gold. In my off hours I spend quite a bit of time working with PHP and have come to

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VNX – Enabling & Collecting Performance Data (NAR Data)

In this segment I will walk you through how to enable and collect performance data on an EMC VNX series storage array. The EMC VNX storage array has the ability to collect and archive performance statistics in to what are

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